The 3rd Dutch Open Championship Superchess

Part of the Corus Chess Tournament 2006

Registration in De Moriaan:
A seven-round Swiss tournament:
Prize distribution:
Time allowed:
Registration fee:
Prize money:
Number of participants:
starting at 09:00 hours, Saturday 28 January 2006
10:00 - 18:00 hours
ca. 18:15 hours
25 minutes p.p.p.g.
EUR 10
at least EUR 500
please see the regulations
at most 40

Please apply for a registration card at For further information please see, where you can register on-line.

The championship will be played with ordinary chess pieces and the following four superchess pieces:

Amazon moving as Queen or Knight,
Empress moving as Rook or Knight,
Princess moving as Bishop or Knight and
Veteran moving as King or Knight (please note: the Veteran cannot be checked or mated).

At the Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk aan Zee, Saturday 28 January 2006, many Superchess players will again compete for the magnificent superchess challenge trophy: an artistically designed, silver Amazon in the form of a Queen + Knight combination. In addition there are attractive prizes to be won. The interest in this new form of chess promises to be larger again than at the 1st and 2nd Championship Superchess. IM Jop Delemarre, the reigning Dutch Open Champion Superchess, has announced that he will defend his title. Also the ladies are represented again prominently and at the level of chess masters: WIM Bianca Muhren, in January 2005 at the Corus Chess Tournament proclaimed the chess player of the year (with the ladies), and WIM Isabel Delemarre-Werner have registered.

The available space is restricted, so please apply a.s.a.p. for your entry card at, or better still, register directly on-line at
It is permissible to participate in the Superchess Championship as well as in one of the partial Corus tournaments, if not overlapping.

Superchess is chess without opening theory, practically speaking. Every chess player can play Superchess right from the beginning. Preparation for opening variants is unnecessary as well as virtually impossible. Only a little exercise is advisable to get used to the superchess pieces; it should suffice to play only a few games. The Dutch Championship will be played on ordinary chessboards with ordinary chessmen and four different superchess pieces.

Any move with such a piece is an ordinary chess move! The reason is that all these pieces are combinations of two ordinary chessmen: the Amazon moves as Queen or Knight, the Empress moves as Rook or Knight, the Princess moves as Bishop or Knight and the Veteran moves as King or Knight (but cannot be checked or mated). Of course, such a combination is nothing new, as we all know that the Queen is the combination of Rook and Bishop.

How is a game of Superchess played? The four superchess pieces are deployed in the prelude which precedes the actual moves. In this prelude the players change the ordinary starting position of chess by replacing four chessmen by the four superchess pieces according to a simple procedure. After the prelude the game is continued virtually as an ordinary game of chess. For the procedure and the precise rules, please see the regulations.

An often-heard remark after both the 1st and 2nd Dutch Championship was: "Superchess is more interesting and less difficult than I had expected. Sure enough it really remains just chess." All participants considered it to be a pleasant and fascinating experience, certainly suitable for repeating.

In short, there appears to be no good reason why not every enthusiastic chess player should become an enthusiastic player of Superchess too! The Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee promises as always to be very enjoyable, for the players as well as the audience. On Saturday 28 January 2006 the Grandmaster groups A, B and C and the Nine-rounders will also play, so that it promises to be a very interesting day. So why not give it a try?

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