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Especially to prepare oneself for the Dutch Championship (NK) problems were made with the four pieces that were used at the NK.
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Some problems

The solutions are in the book.

The Amazon moves as Queen or Knight (Kt), the Empress as Rook or Knight, the Princess as Bishop or Knight, and the Veteran as King or Knight.

vrd37_small.gif  Please click the diagrams to enlarge them!

37   White mates in 4 moves


38  White to play can win. Black to play achieves not more than a draw


39  White to play can win


44  Black to play can win, also with Kt g2 replaced by white Gi on g3

Question 10.

  1. How can Black win, if it's Black's move in position 44?
  2. And how if a white Veteran would be placed on h2?
  3. Replace the Knight on g2 by a white Giraffe on g3. How can Black win now?


55  White can win ..., or not? (White to move)

Question 24. If it's White's move in position 55, will White be able to win with his Princess?

Question 25. And what will be the result if the Princess on b3 would be replaced by a white Veteran in position 55?


61b  White to play can win!

Will White be able to win by a promotion to Queen, Empress, Princess, Veteran or Baron in position 61b?

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